What After Engineering – MBA or MS?

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The biggest challenge in front of you, after completing engineering degree is what to do next? I have been asked this question personally, a million times, hence I decided to finally pen down what actually goes into deciding which degree is best suitable for you and your career.

As soon as you are nearing the end of your B.Tech, you realise that the honeymoon phase of your life is actually over. At this juncture, some of your friends have already packed their bags to move abroad and others are ready to take up jobs they got during campus placements.

Then, there is a person sitting in dark, cluttered by thoughts and unsure of future. 

Anxiety is consuming you from within. You want to decide. You also want to join a masters degree, but confusion is constantly taking over your mind.

If this person I am talking about is you, then I am sure this post will be really helpful to you .

Why is it important to know whether you should do MBA or MS after engineering or not?

• MBA or MS, as the name sounds very lucrative to your ears, can be a real trouble maker and the biggest mistake in your career if your personality is not compatible with the roles you will be entitled to.

• These degrees will burn a hole in your pocket as you have to spend lakhs of rupees to procure them.

SO be sure and make it worth it!


The general opinion of majority of people around me is that they see MBA as money making machines.

Thanks to the wonderful coaching institutes that objectify MBA colleges as money machines. I don’t say, that you can’t make a fortune after MBA, but you should have it in you what it takes to reach that level.

Here are some pointers for you to take a note of:


Any job profile after MBA, will require a multitasker. Even during the course of you are not good at it, it will be difficult for you to survive in competitive environment.


Once you complete your Engineering and management degrees, the key skill that is going to take you forward is how good a task master you are.

You should have a keen interest in managing the work and redistributing it to your team.

You should be efficient in getting the work done under pressure and within the boundaries of time.

  • A DYNAMIC PERSONALITY : a leader as well as a team player 

For a managerial role, sometimes you should be able to take the flag in your hands and lead the team. And sometimes, work with them as a member of  their team.


The communication skills are vital for a job even post engineering. 

The same goes on after MBA as well. 

If you feel your communication skills are weak, start investing time in them today!


As a manager, you will be interacting with the customers of the company directly. 

At that point you represent the company to the customers. You become the face of the company.

Hence it is quintessential to have good interpersonal skills.


No matter which specialisation you want to take up – finance , marketing, operations or HR, you should have an inclination to study business and economy.

You should be an ardent reader of the newspaper and should be well informed about the economic and business trends around the world.

If you feel you have these in you, MBA is the right choice for you!


About 60% of my classmates took up MS in various disciplines and have successfully started their careers abroad in engineering field.

Here are a few pointers for you to see whether you fall into this category or not:


MS is based on doing live projects in specified field. 

If you feel you are ready to go on a technical trip and are ready to take new challenges everyday, then this is the right choice for you!


If you always want to explore a little more in every topic, then this is something you should really look up to.

After MS, you have a great scope for doing research and can even take up PhD.


If you love to find out about new technological innovations and aspire to innovate something on your own one day.


When you believe that you are a good team player, then MS can be an enriching experience for you. 

You will have to execute the projects conducively with the help of your team and contribution of each member will be equally important.

This will not be possible if you don’t have team spirit.


As we say all that glitters is not gold, studying abroad comes with humongous challenges. 

And staying away from your family and friends, alone in a country requires courage.

Honestly, I couldn’t do it! But if you are ready to face it, then you should go for it!

Other than these two degrees there are various avenues to work after engineering, but this is the confusion majority of the students face. Hence this article.

I hope this helps you!

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