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We often come across this phrase “Nothing is permanent”, we read and we forget. But these simple three words hold deeper meaning in them than it seems. We all are change averse. We don’t like to accept he change. Well, that’s human nature, but above that is the “nature” which is constantly trying to teach us that the only permanent is “change”.
If we take a look at a plant. Its roots are bound to soil. The seed beholds the flower. The flower blossoms, grows and blooms; but ultimately; amidst all the charm, one day it detaches and falls off. The sea which looks so calm and composed doesn’t have the water stable for even a second. It all has to change.
The seasons change. That’s how nature works.
Now let us look at humans. We always run after stability. We always want to reach a comfort zone which stays in our life forever. We dislike coming out of it. If we talk of a normal man. All he wants is to have a stable income and settle down. All he wishes for his children is the same. The path that he wants his children to follow is conventional, i.e. what rest of the people around him are doing, his colleagues, relatives or friends. He wishes to put his children in the same lines. But he forgets all children are not the same. The times are not the same. The demands of industry are not the same. The aspirations of children are not the same. It’s different. It has changed.
But sadly that man doesn’t want to come out of his comfort zone to accept the change. He thinks what he inherited from his father should directly go to his son, what he did when he was young is exactly what his children should do; because according to him only that is right. He is successful today because of his choices but it is not necessary that the other options are wrong.
These things are left unsaid because nobody wants to understand them. This difference of opinions is leading to frustration at both the ends – the man as well as his children. And out of these frustrated children some give up their dreams to make their parents happy and some give up their parents to fulfill their dreams. None of the costs is worth giving up for. But the only thing which can bring harmony at both the ends is acceptance. Accept the change.
This is what we need to learn today. This example of man and his children is the most relate able one, hence I picked it up. But it happens with us at every stage. When we go to a new place, new office, new city, we are reluctant to accept the change. But only if we are taught to brace the change, we will never face the problems. We have to be proactive, to brace it.
This also applies to the problems associated with it, the difficulties you may have to face; but keep yourself reminded that even the ordeal is not permanent. Once you face it, it’s going to vanish. This kind of positive thought can always keep you moving rather than frustrating yourself.
Remember this success mantra and apply it wherever you can, I am sure it won’t disappoint you.
Stay positive. Stay happy.

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