My First TED Ed Talk – Follow Your Dreams- They Know The Way!

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TED Ed Talk was like a dream come true. Loved sharing my idea!

I believe in the magic of dreams. Do you?

Well, it has been really long since I published something here. But this time, I am back with a bang!

So this talk was delivered by me almost 3 months back. Honestly,  it was a very  gratifying experience to have inspired these young peeps brimming with enthusiasm and curiosities.

In this talk I have majorly covered the topics about the dilemmas we as teenagers have always encountered about our careers.

From my point of view, I tried to provide small help in making things a little less complicated.


This was a choice we all had to make at one point in time and how we take a decision at this point in time, is what really makes the difference!

The paramount importance lies in the fact that how early we realize what are the dreams we are living for. What is essentially the domain which is made for me. Once there is a cohesion of your interest and career choice, it opens up doors of infinite possibilities where mere hard work and endurance can make you climb ladders to the zenith of it.

The problem is, dreams are often seen as vague and ignored, but I believe they are the best source of self motivation – depends on how you see it.

In the second half of my talk I am essentially focusing on what is it that changes, when we move out of our home for the first time?

We encounter a billion changes. We meet a number of people. We are influenced by a number of things. So what is it essentially that we need to follow and what is it that we should not.

Especially in case of  young girls.  It is important to maintain your individuality against all peer pressure.

I hope this will be enlightening for you.

This is one of many more to come in.

Criticism and appreciation welcomed!

You can post in the comments about what you will love to hear in the next talk.



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