Mitti Di Khushboo

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Mitti di khusboo – the fragrance of my homeland!

Let’s not talk in stories today.
Lets just talk. A normal conversation. The title hints that I am going to write something about “homeland”.
Many of us have been living away from our homes, for jobs, study, got married, went abroad and so on. And once we leave home, we come across different people from different backgrounds and cultures. It feels good to know about new things from them.
But there is something which helps us connect with the people from our own homeland better. There is some sort of affinity towards them, that automatically helps us to communicate with them and be friends with them.
Well, what is it?
1. The essence of your own culture.
No matter how much you know about your culture, but there will be this bond that you will share with the people from your own land.
2. The language.


Believe it or not, but once you are into a different place and finding someone speaking your own language is a blessing! Though you may be comfortable in talking in any other language as well, but communicating in your own mother tongue with people who have the same level of understanding that language keeps you up!
3. The commonalities.


Not to miss you can always go ahead and discuss the specialities and delicacies of your place.
You can have plenty to discuss with that strange person who indeed doesn’t seem to be stranger anymore because he is from your own place.
(A Punjabi would say, “Bai aa oh apna!”)
4. The protectiveness.


This might sound a little odd. But at times you stand by the person who is from your place in case of any argument or dispute.
My point of discussing all this was not to say that only people from your native place can be your friends. It is not to devalue the people who are from a different place but understand you better.
But where do these pointers point to?
That wherever you may be, as happy and successful you may be, but there is an eternal bond that ties you to the roots where you have been born and brought up!
We may leave that place for some reason, stay away for years or decades , never bother to give this a thought but it is uniting us across the globe. And accept it or not , giving us happiness in one way or the other!

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