Liberate yourself from “COMPARING” yourself to others – and get assured happiness

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We as individuals are chained by a stigma of comparing everything to something else, whether relevant or irrelevant.

How "comparing" enters our lives?

We see our parents. For every achievement of ours, we are compared to Sharma Ji's son.
This is where as young individuals we feel, it is right to compare yourself to someone else to see how good you are!
We develop this innate ability to link things with something we don't have!

This indeed is the biggest mistake we do. Because.

Let's enlist top 3 most compared things!

I hope you all will agree to it. Let's discuss them in detail and see what we should do to get rid of comparisons.


I have come across a lot of people, who curse God for not giving them birth in rich families.

Such people generally depress themselves by comparing themselves with their rich friends and relatives.

They become jealous.

In the middle of all the chaos, they forget to thank God, for what they have been blessed with.

It can be good health, skills, ability to work hard, talent and much more!

There is no limit to how much money you can acquire.
Even the richest person you know, may still be greedy for money.

Why by comparing yourself, do you create darkness around you, for nobody has the most!

In a rat race of acquiring more and more money, don't ignore the things, money can't buy! Be thankful for them!


I observed a lot of girls around me, feeling bad about their height, complexion &a body structure.

I want to ask, why waste your time thinking about something you have no control on?

Can feeling bad about short height make you taller?



Your looks are natural, but confidence is what you need to build to be happy and content!

First love yourself. Then expect someone else to appreciate you!


So many times, people look at others and feel, how lucky they are! And how happy someone is because they have everything they can wish for!

But again here, we are trying to impose what we "want"
On what the other person has!

Again comparing ourselves to others.

Whether it is office or at home, this vicious cycle of comparing leads to self doubt over and over again!

What you should do to get rid of comparing?

  • Declutter your mind.
  • Find happiness in small things.
  • Feel grateful for things you have.
  • Look at people below you. Don't pity them, but realise, how they are happy with limited resources.
  • Respect what you have.
  • Respect your individuality.
  • Work hard and Rise.
  • Add value to people around you.
  • Find joys in little things that can add on to your overall happiness.

Because, happiness and contentment cannot be bought, you have to find it within yourself!

I hope this will help you liberate yourself from self created barriers to success while comparing yourself to others!


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  1. This is really a good post to get happiness in life. Truely Said!

  2. Nice Post Keep Posting you write very well

  3. This post was great i agree entirely. Once you start filling your mind with comparisons thats when dark clouds start to surround you. Thank you for the advice… although its hard to not compare its something everyone needs to work on to be free to be happy with what they have

  4. I tend to compare myself with everyone and that usually is the cause for all the other negative emotions… thanks for your advice!

  5. Such an inspiring message! I especially like your tips around finding happiness in the small things and respecting your individuality. This was exactly the pick me up that I needed.

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