IBS meets ISB – How to untag yourself?

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IBS meets ISB – this interview essentially tries to capture that coming from different tiers of MBA colleges, how can you grow exponentially in you career. Is it always the tag that you carry for the rest of your life or you need to untag yourself?

Before going further, I would like to share why I chose Mayank Kumar to provide the insights?

About Mayank:
Educational Background : B.Tech : IIT- Delhi, MBA : ISB

Current Role : Co Founder / Managing Director – UpGrad

Previous roles :

1. Served as a Vice President in Bertelsmann – Europe’s largest media and education group

2.Board Member of iNurture (www.inurture.com) – India’s No. 1 provider of industry-specific academic programs.

3.Senior Principal at The Parthenon Group

Having served as an adviser at such organisations  and being into education sector for over a decade, I believe he was the best person to provide mentor ship on the queries that are generally asked from me.

The main questions addressed :

1. Briefly share your experience in the education sector.

2. What should be the mindset of a person before choosing a B-School?  Is it always the ROI that you should keep in mind?

3. How differently people from different B-schools are groomed? Where does the difference lie?

4. How does the tag of your college impact your career in the longer run?

Write back to me if you have more queries on the same subject.

I hope this will be able to provide a good input for growth in your respective domains.

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