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Dhinchak Pooja, who recently got fame for her cringe pop songs, this one is dedicated to you!

But wait, why so much hatred?

She got the views from all of us. Either someone might have played her songs to see how bad she sings or just listened to the songs to redicule her.

But here are 5 things which make her a positive person which we are overlooking.


Whether you like her or hate her, Dhinchak Pooja’s songs have definitely given us new gossip material.

But how to engage people from all walks of life and of every age to talk about you, is not something everyone can do!


Though we call her songs “cringe worthy”, but she has made us all laugh with each one of her songs!

Even if you had a bad day, you can’t resist yourself from laughing.

In this gloomy world, how many people can do that to you?


If Dhinchak Pooja had a dream of doing something big in her life and she has achieved it, well then why not us?

Do you still feel it is not possible for you?

You must have had this thought atleast once in your head, “I can do better than her!” – admit it!

After having killed her in your thoughts for over 100 times, feeling proud of your own self; I think you should also give it a try!

C’mmon you can do it!


Unlike all of us who have tried to make fun of her and mocked at her, this indomitable spirit has shared some really positive thoughts on social media. She is just trying to make the world a happy place! Here are a few of them:


How many times have we had a low self esteem?

But look at Dhinchak Pooja, despite being mocked at by so many people this girl believes, “ if it makes you happy, it is worth it!

How many of us can take criticism positively?

Well in the end, I can just say, who said you have to do some exceptionally great music to become famous?

She is not a criminal guys! Accept it!

We have so many serious issues in our country where we need to come together as a country strongly, but we are here criticising Dhinchak Pooja for enjoying and truly being herself!

Rise above hate! Respect individuality!

Images courtesy : official Facebook page of Dhinchak Pooja

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